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What makes High Point different from my local travel agent?

High Point is a ski wholesaler, which means we can get you some of the best deals around. Established in 1986, we have over 31 years of experience in the ski industry. We know patterns, properties, mountains, transportation, rental shops… pretty much all there is to know. We also understand church groups and employ some staff that have worked in student ministry themselves. So whether it’s a group or a family, we are experts. Not to mention we can save you lots of money.


What are the advantages to booking my trip through one company?

It allows you to work with someone who can look at all the logistics of your trip and make sure they work together, like charter bus departure time and check in time at the mountain. It also allows you to write one check for your trip rather than multiple ones to the management company, lift ticket office, rental shop, bus company, etc.


How is High Point structured?

We have account reps and support staff that are here to help at any time. Whereas your account representative helps determine the mountain that best suits your needs and helps you to book your trip, the support staff works “behind the scenes” to secure your reservations and work on the details. Your account rep and his or her assistant (if applicable) will be your primary point(s) of contact during the year.


Can High Point help me with my other trips?

YES! High Point Ski Tours is just one division of High Point Travel Inc. Originally High Point was just a travel agency, but over time it has evolved into a specialist in ministry travel.  We can also help with Missions, Buses, Vans, Fundraising, Cruises, Etc…


What is an Empty Pillow?

An empty pillow is an unoccupied bed space. If your package has been priced for maximum occupancy in each unit, you will see an empty pillow charge on your contract. If the maximum occupancy is, for example, 6 and only 5 people utilize the space, the cost for the additional unused pillow still must be covered. (Example: if the room is $100 per night and holds a maximum of 5 people, we divide the room cost to come up with our package price. If only 4 people occupy the room, the lodging portion comes out to $20 per person for 4 people plus one empty pillow at $20 per night). If this is confusing, we understand. Just call us and ask!


What tips do you give on filling the space we reserve?

A. Collect a deposit from those interested in attending the trip when they sign up. Don’t take a verbal “yes” as a commitment, especially if the trip is 5 months away. B. Keep a waiting list. You may fill your spots quickly, but things will come up that keep people from going at the last minute. C. Be realistic in your projections. D. Keep in mind the boy / girl ratio based upon room configurations.


Can we change any of the specifics of our trip once we’re contracted?

YES! You can make changes but only if it’s done in writing. There are restrictions, however, on how late changes can be made without financial penalties. That’s one advantage of working with us. We will let you know how each piece of the puzzle work together. Each lodging company has different rules. We will help you sort out what works best for your group.


What if someone wants to skip a day of skiing?

All lift tickets purchased are for consecutive days. However, some mountains provide a day of grace (ex: 3 out of 4 days) allowing for a day off. Ski rentals must be kept and paid for the entire duration of the ski days on contract. They cannot be turned in and then checked out again if the person wants to skip a day. We recommend skiing one less day on the end of your trip if someone doesn’t want to ski every day.


What transportation questions do I need to think through?

A. How are we getting to the mountain each day if we are lodging off site? B. Do we need extra transportation for getting around town? C. Do we need transportation to pick up ski rentals? D. If there is a local shuttle, will it be sufficient for our needs? E. What are my options for getting from the airport to our lodging?


Will our group need a change room?

Check out time is generally 10:00 am. Many groups ski on the last day of their trip but must leave their room at 10:00 am. You will need a change room if you want to store your luggage and take a shower before you depart that afternoon. High Point can arrange change rooms at the mountain or your lodging property depending on where you are staying. Most management companies charge for change rooms so you need to reserve them ahead of time.


Will our rooms be close together?

High Point always requests that hotel rooms or condos be close together, but properties will not guarantee location of units. Many units are individually owned and the home owner has the right to take their unit at the last minute. At many properties, the faster you turn in your rooming list, the better chance you have of getting units close together.


Can High Point arrange meeting space for our group?

YES! We have years of experience helping groups find the best option for their meeting needs. We also know which properties are the best for storing band equipment and which are best for groups over 200. We are meeting space experts.


Why does High Point need our ski rental information?

The ski shops will use this information to ensure they have the necessary equipment available as well as adequate staff on hand to fit your group. Some shops pre-print rental forms with this information and some will not. Don’t get frustrated if it seems like you are doing double work when you arrive at the shop.


What type of rental info do we have to turn in ahead of time?

Gathering the proper rental information at sign up will save you the headache of scrambling later. What we need is the following. Name, Sex, Age, Height, Weight, Shoe Size, Ski Size, Skier Ability, and Which Foot Forward for snowboarders. You package price will include basic ski rentals. Upgrades can be made and include, snowboards, high performance skis, and demos.


When is our final information due for our group and why so early?

We require final information to be given to us 45 days out. This ensures that we have the opportunity to look over every aspect of your trip one last time and locate any potential problems. It also allows the mountains, ski rental companies, lodging facilities, food and beverage companies, and charter bus or airlines to get the information they need well ahead of time. This helps them staff appropriately, print out lifts tickets and have them in the right place, etc… This is especially important during peak time periods like Christmas and Spring Break.


What if we have unused lift tickets or rental equipment?

Unless you purchased a restricted lift ticket, refunds may be considered on unused tickets at most mountains, but are not guaranteed. In order for consideration to be given, you must follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the lift ticket voucher you will receive prior to your trip. For ski rentals, refunds will only be given for medical reasons. A copy of the medical form needs to be included with the lift and rental refund requests. You will need to advise High Point of any requests upon return home. DO NOT throw lift tickets away if you are wanting a refund.

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