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Disclaimer: All of the information and links below are intended as helpful tools as you plan and prepare to travel internationally.  High Point is not offering advice or direction on your specific travel and testing requirements nor is High Point responsible for any outdated or incorrect information found at any of the linked informational sites below.  

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that re-entry requirements to the United States can be different for non-US citizens, be sure to check the specific guidelines for your destination.

Know Before You Go: Entry, Transit and Testing Requirement Tools

  • Check your airline's website

    • Some airlines have their own requirements beyond those of the destination or transit countries.

    • Pro Tip: Many airlines are providing trip specific Covid related information when you log into your reservation prior to travel

  • Check the Airport websites

    • Many airports will show their screening plans and any available onsite testing options​

The 3 T's of Testing - Timeline, Type, and Turnaround

  • Timeline - Each country may have a specific amount of time that testing must be done in prior to travel to be allowed to board the plane at your point of origin, such as 72 hours prior to arrival.

    • Pro Tip: ​Be sure to know if the time allotment for testing is based on arrival to the country or your first flights departure

  • Type - Different types of tests are available such as PCR or rapid tests.  Each country will have specific test types they accept for entry/transit.  

    • Pro Tip: Be sure the test type you plan to get meets the most strict requirements of your destination or any transit countries.  If your destination allows for a PCR or rapid test but the transit country requires a PCR test, you will need a negative PCR test result to be allowed to board at your origin airport​.

  • Turnaround - Despite what may be advertised, turnaround time can vary dramatically from location to location and based on free vs paid for testing.  You will need to do everything you can to ensure you will have test results in hand on arrival at your origin airport (NOT IN COUNTRY) to be allowed to travel. Cost to change flights due to delayed results is not covered by the airline and would need to be paid by the travelers.

    • Pro Tip: Call Ahead! Make a plan for where you will get tested both outbound and returning once you know the requirements and call to ask their specific turn around times a few days before you get tested.  If they cannot clearly give you their current timelines or they do not fit into what is needed for travel, look for an alternate location.

Create a Testing Game Plan

  • Using the resources above, find out if your destination (and transit countries if applicable) allows entry with proof of vaccine or antibodies in lieu of testing.  If so, make sure all applicable travelers bring the required documentation to the airport.

  • Begin to make a testing game plan as soon as the trip is planned.  Using the tools above, become familiar with the specific requirements for your trip and check back often and things are changing consistently as the worldwide Covid Situation Changes

  • If testing is required for your destination or any of your transit airports, know the 3 T's of testing for both your outbound and return flights. Create a plan for where and when your team will get tested prior to departure, call the location ahead to ensure turn around times and ask about the best times to get tested to limit your wait times.

    • Pro Tip: Have a back up plan.  If available in your area, find a location that offers same day PCR results as a last minute alternative.  It is likely to come at a cost for each test but if your original plan falls through and results are not timely, it may be less expensive to pay for same day results than to pay the cost for last minute flight changes and lose days from your trip​.

  • Connect with your in-country contacts to decide when and where you will get tested for your return to the US and budget for any costs associated with testing sites in country, travel costs to testing locations, etc

  • Plan for the worst and hope for the best

    • Make a plan for a team member tests positive (or inconclusive) prior to your departure from the US.  

      • Will they be able to meet up with the team if they arrive a few days later?

      • Will a leader need to stay and travel with them?​

      • Who is responsible for any testing costs and flight changes?

    • Make a plan​ for a team member testing positive (or inconclusive) in country prior to your return.  

      • Where will they stay if they need to quarantine 2 weeks or until they can receive a negative test?​

      • Who is responsible for their additional in country costs, testing costs, and flight changes?

      • Will a leader need to stay and travel with them?

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