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Adam “Scoop” Stewart graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Religion.  He went on to get his Masters of Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.  He currently leads our team of Account Representatives, serving as the Director of Sales since 2008.  He has a wife (Aleks) and two kiddos (Lily and Shepherd).  


Favorite Adventure: In college I spent a semester studying overseas at the University of Hertfordshire in north London.  During that time I was able travel through most of Western Europe.  Good times…

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Amber graduated from Art Institute of Dallas with an AA in Fashion Design and then graduated Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a BS in Business Admin and an AA in Biblical Studies. She is currently the Director of Coordinators for High Point. She has been there for over 5 years.  Amber loves baking, traveling, and simply hanging out with friends. She is constantly working towards completing her bucket list.


Favorite Adventure: Last year, I went to Hawaii and did a night time snorkeling adventure with manta rays. It was terrifying and amazing all at the same time to watch these huge creatures do barrel rolls with in inches of your body.


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Andrew was born in his house and grew up in Lafayette, LA. After graduating from Baylor in 2013, he married his high school sweetheart Becca after 4 years of long-distance dating. They then moved to Dallas and have found their new home through Watermark Community Church, found best friends through their community group, and they serve in the marriage ministries. Outside of work, Andrew loves spending time with his family, playing and watching sports, and doing yard work while listening to podcasts and sermons.
Favorite Adventure: I have seen 19 countries including Cuba and Egypt and many states, but my favorite adventure by far has been my marriage and now journey as a parent and dad to my daughter Nora and son Cole.

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Amanda grew up in Idaho but at 21 I needed a change of pace and scenery so she moved to the Washington DC area. She didn't anticipate being there for the next seven years but that is where the Lord kept her. She worked as a nanny, then taught preschool for three years. She started volunteering in the middle school ministry at church in 2012, the Lord slowly grew a deep rooted passion for that age group and she's been working with them ever since. Two years ago the Lord lead her to Texas via an internship in middle school ministry at a local church in Dallas. She got married in September 2018 and is so excited for this season the Lord has for her and Jonathan! 



Favorite adventure: I went on The World Race from July 2014 to May 2015, it was the most eye opening experience I have even been a part of. It has changed my view of the world and the church in so many ways! I love that I now get to assist churches and mission organizations by working at High Point! 

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Chad has a communications degree from Baylor University and spent time on staff at three churches before he decided that ministering to churches was the way to go.  He started helping out at High Point part time in high school, so the transition to full time with the company was easy. In his current role he gets to combine his love for business and his heart for ministry. He has an eye for entrepreneurial adventures and loves anything outdoors.


Favorite Adventure: Working at a children’s camp in Zambia is probably my favorite adventure. At least the most rewarding. Add in a dose of bungee jumping at Victoria Falls and that trip wins the prize.

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Michael is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a double major in international business and marketing.  He has been married to his wonderful wife Serah since August 2016.  He loves studying/teaching God’s word, watching college football (Boomer!  Sooner!), enjoying good food, and reading good books.  
Favorite Adventure:  Seeing the Milky Way at Bryce Canyon National Park.  Being able to see God’s handiwork in the night sky is awe inspiring.  


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Debi Shelton graduated from East Texas Baptist University with a BA in Marketing. She currently works as Sales Assistant at High Point.
She enjoys small town Texas festivals.  Henderson’s Syrup Festival, Uncle Fletcher’s Hamburger Festival in Athens, and The Old Fashion Fourth of July Festival in Granbury are a few she never misses.


Favorite Adventure: It’s a tie between the trip my husband and I took to the Occidental Grand Xcaret in the Riviera Maya of Mexico and raising our 2 kids. (Just kidding, raising kids wins…most days:)

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Rachel was born and raised in Memphis, TN. She moved to New Orleans in 2011 to attend New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where she received her BA in Christian Ministry.  Rachel enjoys live music, traveling, and story telling.


Favorite adventure: Living in New Orleans for 6 years with her best friends. Everyday and everything there is unique and it made for an amazing time.  


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Philip is an MK (missionary kid) from Cameroon, West Africa. Not only did he grow up there, but he returned and worked there for nearly 10 years in an accounting role and also as a Bible translator/linguist. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics/Bible translation from the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics in Dallas. Philip enjoys *football* (soccer, for you Americans) and keeping up with what’s going on in Africa. He is married to Suzie and they enjoy playing tennis together, as well as board/card games.

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Nick Kryfko studied Youth and Family Ministry at Lubbock Christian University.  He and  his wife , Lauren, live in Fate, TX with their sons, Bear and Chaplain, and daughter, Wilson.  In addition to spending time with them Nick enjoys watching sports (Wreck ‘em Texas Tech, Cowboys, Rangers, and Stars!) and dabbles in wood working.



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Steve grew up in Dallas and then graduated from Baylor University before pursuing a brief career in commercial aviation. He briefly attended Dallas Theological Seminary, married his best friend in 1998 and now has 3 beautiful daughters who light up his life. Steve has been with High Point since 1993.  He loves playing/ watching sports, studying/ teaching God’s Word and reading good books.


Favorite Adventure: It’s hard to choose between sky diving, scuba diving and being a parent. But I’d have to say being a dad is my favorite because there’s just nothing quite like it — nothing else I’ve ever done has been as challenging, and certainly nothing that has been nearly as rewarding.

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Rusty got his bachelors from Texas A&M University in 2008 and masters from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2013. He has been working at High Point since 2011. He is married to Ali and has a son named Ethan.


Favorite Adventure: I took some time off from college to move to Japan. I spent almost a year there all together, learned a new language, climbed Mt. Fuji twice, made some great friends, and fell in love with the country!

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Nathan Gunter is a husband, dad, pastor, educator and High Point database systems developer. Family, books, coffee, laughing and thinking bring some joy in his life out of the greater joy of trusting the gospel. During a unique time of learning more about the gospel and the Bible at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, High Point came into his life and became a timely confirmation of how to do business in the world and how to serve people well.


Favorite Adventure: My wife and I were newlyweds from California entering Dallas, TX for me to attend Dallas Theological Seminary in 2005 looking for a stable job to help through the upcoming years in seminary and the church world. 

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Ryan Kiekhoefer grew up in Wisconsin and graduated from St. Cloud State University in 2009 with a BS in Communication.  In 2012 he obtained a Certificate of Biblical and Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He works as an account representative at High Point. Ryan is married to Brittany who he met while they were both on a summer mission trip with Campus Crusade for Christ. They have three boys Jack, Drew and Mark!


Favorite Adventure:The first time I shared the Gospel was with a man named Franky in New Orleans in the lower 9th ward. Franky ended up coming to faith in Jesus and invited his friends to come and hear about Jesus. I love watching God work!

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Tim is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and has his certificate of Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is married to Lindsey and has a gorgeous daughter named Ellie that is well above average on the awesome scale. Tim is addicted to CrossFit, loves college football and refuses to see baseball as anything more than a picnic activity.
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Josh grew up in Lubbock, TX and is a proud Red Raider.  He graduated from Belhaven College and Westminster Theological Seminary.  He is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Youth, Family and Culture from Fuller Seminary.  He married Rachael in 2005 and they have two beautiful children, Peyton and Preston.  Prior to joining Highpoint, Josh served various roles in Student Ministry for 20 years.  
Favorite Adventure:  My wife and I decided at the last minute to take a trip to the Bahamas and were able to pull it off with little cost.  It was a great time relaxing, soaking up the sun and seeing a new part of God’s creation.


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Ryan graduated from Texas Tech University with a double major in Business Marketing and Management. She joined Highpoint in 2012 and enjoys providing ministries the most efficient itineraries to meet their logistical needs. Ryan loves spending time with her family at the lake, hiking the Colorado mountains, and volunteering in her church’s children’s ministry.


Favorite Adventure: Exploring Kauai with my husband! We hiked along the cliffs of the Na Pali coast and through dense rain forests to swim at one of Kauai’s tallest and most secluded waterfalls, Hanakapiai Falls.

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Zach graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2007 with a Bachelors in Marketing and Bachelors in International Trade. He completed his Master Degree (MBA – Strategic Management) from University of North Texas in 2011. Prior to coming to High Point he served 8 years in the U.S. Army in Biological Warfare Recognizance/Detection and Mass Casualty Decontamination, and he also worked at a company in Texas that imported/exported exotic animals for zoos.


Favorite Adventure: I have been blessed to see much of God’s creation, experience very unique jobs, and have my share of ‘once in a lifetime’ moments (including hand-to-hand combat an adult kangaroo, squelching a robbery on a night train in the Czech Republic, and being in the middle of a soccer hooligan riot in Hungary), but my favorite adventure by far has been my marriage and our now journey into parenthood together.

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Emily graduated from Dallas Baptist University in May of 2015 with a BS in Business Administration and an emphasis in Hotel and Hospitality Management. She is married to Matt and has an adorable Goldendoodle named Harley!  Emily lives in Dallas, but grew up in Laurel, Mississippi.  Some of her favorite things include SEC football, Christmas, Netflix, anything southern, and traveling.


Favorite Adventure:  I went snorkeling in Cozumel, Mexico in May, and our tour guide took us to a place called “Cielo,” which is “Heaven” in Spanish. It definitely lived up to its name! The water was crystal clear, and the creatures we saw were incredible! I had been snorkeling in Cozumel before, but the things we saw in “Heaven” were definitely the coolest!

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Maggie is from St. Louis, MO and is currently working towards getting her BA in Ministry Leadership with an emphasis on Administration. She is a lover of people, trees, books, coffee, pinecones, laughing, and tacos.  


Favorite Adventure: Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to live in Belfast, Northern Ireland for a month. Everything about my time there was amazing! But my favorite part was exploring Tollymore Forest, which is where C.S. Lewis dreamt up The Chronicles of Narnia. It truly looks like something out of a fairytale and is my favorite place in the whole world!

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Phillip is currently working his way towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.  Phillip’s hobbies include mountain biking, backpacking, snowboarding, and fishing.


Favorite Adventure: Skydiving over South Padre Island was amazing, and the experience was unlike any other activity I have done. Jumping out of a plane, falling to the earth, and then gliding with the parachute combine to create a unique experience. As much as I love backpacking and the many adventures I have been on, skydiving is something I recommend everyone try at least once.

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Jason has lived in Dallas since 2011 after moving here from his home state of California. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors of Science in Religion. He and his wife, Aggie, along with their son, Julius, are members of The Village Church Plano Campus, where they serve in the Recovery Ministry. He is also the Vice President of HOG MOB Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit public charity that ministers to people in the inner cities. He headed up a huge outreach event in one of the most dangerous communities in S. Dallas and now leads a bi-weekly men’s Bible study in that community every other Thursday night. Jason is passionate about people and sharing the message of Christ throughout the nations. He has a heart specifically for those living in impoverished and poverty stricken communities. One fun fact about Jason is that he is a Christian recording hip hop artist and is releasing his first solo project in late 2017. 


Favorite Adventure: On my 30th birthday, to introduce my then girlfriend, now wife, to my parents, we went skydiving! Nothing like jumping out of a plane together to really get to know one another. Its the strangest thing…people say what’s really in their hearts if they think they may not make it. It all worked out. 

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Paola was born in Mexico but raised in the Tennessee mountains.
In 2012 she moved to Dallas where she met her soon to be husband. 
She enjoys long bike rides in Downtown with her friends, going to concerts, watching movies, and eating Mexican food! 
Favorite adventure: It would definitely be my time at CFNI. For 7 years I had the opportunity to coordinate teams to make our annual summer camps happen!   
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Mo was born and raised in the DFW area and graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a BS in Biology and a minor in Psychology. She loves concerts, baseball, sweatshirts, coffee, and reading (more than you’d care to know). 


Favorite Adventure: I’ve traveled to Japan, Jamaica, Mexico and Nicaragua but my favorite trip was probably Spring Break 2018 with a few friends from church. I didn’t grow up going camping/hiking, so when the opportunity came to see the Mighty 5 in Utah I jumped at it. We jam-packed those 9 days with too many activities all over the four corners states. I’ll never forget star-gazing at Capitol Reef where they say “half the park is after dark”, being warmed by the sunrise at Bryce Canyon in below freezing temps, or setting up a tent and camping at the Grand Canyon in 32 degree weather while it was sleeting (s/o to my brother for letting me borrow his military subzero sleeping bag). Can’t wait to continue marking national parks off my list!

Actual photo of Mo coming soon
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