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Ministry Profile: Food For The Hungry

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Food for the Hungry seeks to end ALL forms of human poverty by going into the hard places and closely walking with the world’s most vulnerable people. We have been serving through purposeful relief and development for over four decades. We believe in fighting against poverty, which is why we serve the vulnerable in over 20 countries globally. We’re moved and inspired by our Christian belief that every person has intrinsic value and that it’s our responsibility to advocate for the poor and marginalized.

We provide life-changing resources such as clean water, medical aid, food, equal educational opportunities to girls and boys, vocational training and empowerment in the midst of unimaginable hardships. Our view of poverty is holistic and complex. We honor the people we serve by inviting them to contribute to the process. We are grateful to be invited into the communities we serve and work side-by-side with local leaders responding to their needs with transformative solutions, which are both sustainable and implemented at the hands of the communities themselves.

Our international staff belongs to the nations they serve. We are not foreigners or outsiders offering a new way of life. We are sisters and brothers lifting the shared burden from the shoulders of our global family.

We’re proud of the communities we enter, but more than that, we’re proud of the ones we exit. These are the communities where extreme poverty no longer has a seat at the table. They’re self-sustainable and living out God’s purpose for their lives. We celebrate with them and then we intentionally seek out the next community suffering under the heavy weight of poverty. We were created for this work.

Expedition Church in Payson, AZ has been a part of a FH Church to Community (C2C) relationship in Rwimbogo Rwanda since 2008. Through C2C, this church congregation is able to focus their mission efforts and see the incredible impact of their generosity unfold through the ending of poverty in this community. They have been able to collectively sponsor the children of this community, provide for their basic needs, complete large projects on their behalf, and walk in relationship with them. The church has made numerous visits to the community and has been able to build meaningful relationships which have transformed them into a more giving, outward-focused group of people. Expedition is a wonderful example of how C2C is designed to create mutual transformation through the power of church missions.

Rwimbogo and Expedition in Numbers:

  • Years in Community: 7

  • Children have been sponsored: Over 100

  • Goats given: 20

  • Bikes gifted: Over 100

  • Bibles gifted: Over 200

  • Local Church Leaders Trained: Over 20

  • Cows gifted: 12

  • Years until graduation: 3

Major Projects Completed:

  • Tilapia Pond Project

  • Clean Water Source

  • Latrines and Teacher Dormitory Construction Project

“When I went over there, I was blown away by the amount of care and transformation that was taking place by my $35 per month. That’s the best $35 we could spend.” -Lance Chabot


Instagram: @food4thehungry


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