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Job Status:                  Full Time


# of Positions:            3-4


Schedule:                    Monday to Friday from 8:30am - 5:00 pm


Hours/week:                40 hours per week


Pay range:                  Base salary + commission 


Job Location:              Dallas, TX  




We are looking for highly motivated Sales Account Representatives with long-term aspirations.  The ideal candidate has a combination of ministry and sales experience, a relational personality, and an extremely strong work ethic.  Although we are a 37-year-old company, we have grown considerably since 2008.  We are in need of capable Sales Account Representatives to help us continue that success. 

This is not a seasonal or entry level role.  This is the first step to a career in sales.  The upside potential is well into six figures.  For a someone who is gifted to do sales, in a unique, ministry-focused environment like High Point, this is a tremendous opportunity. 

Company Description:

High Point is an industry leading, ministry-minded travel resource for churches, missions agencies, Christian schools and para-church organizations.  Our goal is to help ministries and churches with logistical aspects of trip planning, save them time and money in the process, and allow them to spend more time making Christ famous.  


High Point is a growing company with a great family atmosphere.  In 2023 we will send over 50,000 people on international missions, and many more on charter buses.  We are not just filling a functional job description, but are looking for an applicant who will become a key member of our team.



This is a sales position.  While we believe that sales can be done in a very servant-hearted way, please understand this position is selling our services and cultivating those relationships.  Therefore, the main focus of this job is to generate new relationships (primarily over the phone) and service existing relationships, with the goal of helping ministries and churches with airfare for missions, ground transportation, and trip insurance.  


  • Prospect for potential missions, ground transportation, insurance, and miscellaneous travel by making 30-50 inside sales cold calls per day, e-mail or text, and (occasionally) outside sales appointments.

  • Create, submit and track all quotes for, airfare and ground transportation.

  • Close prospective trips. 

  • Build relationships with potential and existing clients over a long period of time. 

  • Manage a large portfolio of clients by: 

    • Keeping track of all quote and contract deadlines and due dates. 

    • Respond promptly to all client correspondence. 

    • Following up with clients during the appropriate season.

  • Attend and actively participate in weekly meetings. 

  • Travel approximately 1 week per year.  This is typically for outside sales appointments or to attend conferences that promote our services.

  • Any other applicable duties as needed, as may be assigned from time to time by the 
CEO, President , Chief Development Officer, or acting supervisor, pertaining to the Sales Account Representative position. 


Functional Qualifications: 

  • At least two years of sales experience and/or…

  • At least two years of ministry experience planning group trips (preferably with ski or mission trips) in some capacity.

  • Cannot be afraid to make 30-50 cold calls per day.

  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

  • Computer Skills - Must have the ability to navigate through most of the Microsoft Office applications as well as our database and pricing program.  This requires an above beginner level of computer competency.

  • Ability to listen and ask good questions.

  • Above average organizational skills. 

  • Existing relationships with ministries, churches, Christian schools and missions organizations is a plus. 

  • Existing knowledge of missions is a plus.


Character Qualifications:

  • High integrity

  • Strong work ethic

  • Extroverted/Relational personality

  • Teachable and able to learn new things

  • Ability to work within a team 

  • A heart to serve the church 


Promotion Schedule

 Sales Account Representative (Phase 1 – Approximately 16 Months )

  • Our phase 1 sales people are referred to as Sales Account Representatives.  They have less time off, monthly quotas, and slightly more volatile commission structure

Sales Account Executive (Phase 2)

  • Upon completion of the first phase, with a satisfactory production level, you will be promoted to Sales Account Executive. With this promotion comes a more stable compensation model, and additional vacation time.

Senior Sales Account Executive (Year 4-8)

  • Our top producing sales people will be promoted to Senior Sales Account Executive status.  With this promotion comes: 1) additional vacation time, and 2) a full-time Sales Assistant.  A Sales Assistant has proven to be invaluable for further growth through his/her assistance in day-to-day tasks.  If well utilized, the addition of a sales assistant will almost certainly lead to a higher production/compensation level.


Every sales account representative will participate in our training program, which consists of the following components:


  1. Week One Training - During the first week at High Point, new sales account representatives will attend a one week training led by the Director of Sales.  This training is intended to be as comprehensive as possible and will cover a range of topics and skill development exercises.

  2. OT Session (On-going Training) – After the first week, new sales people will attend a weekly meeting commonly referred to as an OT Session, or On-going Training Session.  These meetings are intended to address issues, topics and questions that will arise during the early stages of growth.  These meetings will last until the end of the employees 6th month.

  3. Mentor Program – Each new sales representative will be paired with a veteran “Mentor.”  They will meet with this mentor on a monthly basis during their first 8 months at High Point.  The intention of this relationship is to serve as a sounding board and source of encouragement for new employees.



  • 401K matching program at the end of the first year. 

  • Long-term Disability Insurance

  • Partial health/dental insurance for full-time employees.  

  • A company laptop is given to all employees.

  • Travel discounts and perks. 

  • Great working environment. 

  • Very balanced and family centered office. 

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