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The Value of Ski Lessons

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Let’s get the initial dreaded question out of the way.

“Do I really need ski lessons?”

To put it simply - yes. Everyone needs to start somewhere (and by somewhere we don’t mean the double black diamonds!) When we look at the talent of Olympic ski teams we are reminded that they, too, started as beginners with an instructor/coach. Let me put it into perspective for you.

Lessons are extremely important for first time skiers.

As much fun as it would be to learn from our skilled friends, it is necessary that you learn the basics from a professional. Consider taking more than one lesson, you won’t learn even the basic techniques in one session. We get it! You’re eager and these mountains are beautiful, but they are equally dangerous so take your time.

*NOTE TO ALL GROUP LEADERS: We know many of you would like to shave costs by teaching your new skiers yourselves, but you must understand the huge liability that comes along with the savings. If something were to happen to a skier on your trip, you could potentially be held responsible. This also includes making sure that each skier is using proper equipment specifically correlated with his or her height and weight and not borrowing gear from a friend. Additionally, don’t skimp on the essentials (a helmet, goggles, and nylon pants to name a few.)

Before you head out for the day, you might want to talk to your group and make sure that no one is pressuring new skiers onto black and double black runs. A high number of the ski horror stories you hear start with, “A new skier was dared by his friends to go down a black run…" Assign a leader specifically to new skiers after they complete their lesson and never leave a new skier alone. With that being said, BE PATIENT! We have all been there and know how difficult/frustrating getting started can be.

Encourage your new skiers to keep going.

You want people to WANT to keep skiing. Like anything, the first day can be rough. Most skiers who have a really bad first day often don’t ski a second. Essentially, they never come back. Make day two of skiing mandatory for new skiers. If they can make it through day two and start making it down a green without biting it, they are likely to come back next year. By day three, it’s usually a lot easier and they end up having a really good time!

“I’ll never forget my first day of skiing. It was rough. I fell a lot. Thankfully there was a couple in our group that stayed with me the whole day. They really blessed me by having the patience to wait with me. I don’t know if I would have kept skiing if they hadn’t.” - Adam “Scoop” Stewart, Director of Sales

A final note to the newbies:

  • Remain on the GREEN slopes

  • Try to avoid wearing cotton clothing (due to water retention; BRR!)

  • Don’t be afraid of failure

  • Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Don’t get caught up in terminology, style, or perfection. Trying to be the best your first day on the slopes will only hinder you from fully enjoying your trip and the beautiful creation God has placed around you.

Written by: Hannah Victoria Bewley

(With help from Adam "Scoop" Stewart)

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