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Surviving Holiday Travel

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The holidays can be crazy and we all know the travel is just as chaotic. Here are a few tips to avoid the stress, work through the kinks, and make the most out of your travel this holiday season!

Do your research.

  • Book holiday travel early to get the best prices and fly non-stop.

  • Look for direct flights—or those departing in the morning.

  • Travel early or late in the day.

  • Travel on off-peak days.

Plan for the unexpected.

  • Buy travel insurance. You could lose more money with what the cost of the flight was than to purchase insurance in addition.

Pack light and pack smart.

  • Keep your carry-on to code. Don’t get surprised with a checked-baggage fee.

  • Essentials on your carry-on in case of lost luggage. (i.e. a change of clothes, toiletries, chargers, etc.)

Get to the airport faster.

  • Check-in to your flight up to 24 hours before your flight.

  • Apply for PreCheck (provides trusted travelers with expedited security screening for a better travel experience) or Global Entry (a program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States.)

Stay connected.

  • Know your flight status.

  • GateGuru is available in the App store and is a great tool to use to check in on current and future flights.

Stay prepared.

  • Pack earplugs to clear outside noise. It helps with relaxation!

  • Bring a mobile charger. Don’t wait around for open outlets.

  • Don't get hangry (hungry + angry) - buy snacks. Believe it or not, keeping your hunger under control will also control your mood.

Flight delayed or cancelled due to storms?

  • Don’t bother with busy hotels and unavailable taxi drivers.

  • Download airbnb (an app locals use to rent out their space).

  • Use transportation apps like Uber of Lyft to get there.

  • “Orphan Christmas + location” connects solo travelers for the holidays.


  • Have an alternate route mapped out.

  • Scout out delays or accidents en route. Waze is a great app that will update you on accidents, traffic jams, and even police officers camping out trying to catch speeding vehicles. Waze will offer an alternate route to get you around any traffic complications so you can be well on your way!

Written by: Hannah Victoria Bewley

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