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  • Tyler Jackson

No Names, No Money, No Problem!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Did you know airlines allow large groups to reserve airfare at a set price with zero risk? This is where ‘Group Contracts’ come in. Group contracts allow groups of 10 or more passengers to reserve an itinerary at a set price without names or full payment with just a deposit. Don’t worry; there are a lot of people who don’t know about group contracts! That is why we are here to give you tips on how save both time and money on your next trip while traveling as a group.

Traveling with a large team can be very stressful. Many details like lodging, food, schedules, and events become a headache for many of the groups we work with. Why make purchasing airline tickets part of the hassle as well? Our goal is to make booking tickets for large groups easier and more affordable for our clients. Here is a snapshot of how that process works:


Step One: Get a quote early!

  • Typically, airlines allow us to quote trips up to 11 months before a groups travel date. A lot of times, the sooner we lock something in, the better deal we can get.

  • To get a quote, all we need are travel dates, an estimated number of passengers, and the departure and return locations.

  • We will negotiate on the groups behalf to get the best quotes possible.

  • Not only do we do all the work gathering quotes for our groups, getting a quote is free!

Step Two: Book a Group Contract

  • After the group leader picks the quote that works best for them, we book a group contract.

  • Usually, group leaders can reserve a set number of seats at a set price with just a security-deposit! ($100 per seat international, $50 per seat domestically)

  • The passenger names and full-payment are NOT due at this time

  • Having a set price gives our groups a target to aim for while fundraising

Step Three: Due Dates

-The first due date is the “Utilization Date”

  • This is when we need a better idea of how many people are planning to travel.

  • The Utilization Date is usually 90 days before the departure date.

  • Typically, a group can reduce to as low as 10 seats or cancel their entire reservation without any penalty

  • Example: You booked 30 passengers. Today is your utilization date. It turns out, that you only have 20 people planning to travel instead of 30. No big deal! We will contact the airlines, update your contract, and you will not be penalized for those 10 dropped seats!

-The second due date is the “Ticketing Date”

  • This is the date where we need passenger information (i.e. passport names, gender, and dates of birth) as well as final payment.

  • Usually this is 45 days before departure.

  • We will remind you of due dates as they approach. Just one less thing to worry about!

Step Four: Travel and Have Fun!

  • Focus on what’s going to happen at your destination, because we have your airfare covered!


Group contracts allow our clients to book earlier allowing them to get a good deal while still giving them lots of flexibility along the way. If you believe your next trip could have at least 10 passengers, a group contract may be a great option for you. Contact us today and we would love to help!

Written by: Tyler Jackson

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