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Why Working With A Ministry-Based Travel Agency Is The Best Option For You

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

High Point is made up of ministry-minded individuals and we understand what you are trying to accomplish. We care about your eternal mission, not just about making money and booking travel. You are able to speak to one account representative at High Point who cares about you and your ministry instead of different/random airline representatives every time you make a call. High Point representatives even pray over clients for safe travels and for their ministry on the ground as well as for personal matters. There are several benefits to working with a ministry-based travel agency when booking your travel:

  • Potential cost saving. We are a wholesaler of travel in some instances.

  • We take on the burden of travel coordinating. Basically, you can trust us!

  • The Vendor is more worried about their relationship with us than they are the relationship of an individual. This is probably the biggest benefit, having someone fighting in your corner. We have relationships with these travel vendors (airlines, bus companies, ski resorts) and we send a ton of people to them. These vendors will be a lot more willing to get stuff done if we ask them than an individual. We have the expertise to find you the best deal with the best vendor and then we also have the pull to get stuff done if something goes wrong

“As a former Young Life kid, leader and current committee member, I understand the ebb and flow of a week of Young Life camp. I can help plan and organize the travel accordingly. I get Young Life leaders, their schedules, and know exactly what a Young Life camp trip looks like. As a result, Young Life leaders can trust me instantly with their travel plans.”

Andrew Smith-Account Representative, High Point Travel

“I have asked what to pray for before the client leaves for their trip and they have really responded well to that. They see how we actually care for their mission trip, rather than just their bookings.”

Lauren Sanchez-Account Representative, High Point Travel

High Point Travel is here to make the process easier for you. Having a team to support you, your ministry, and your travel allows you to prepare for your mission and not become overwhelmed with the logistics of trip planning. Let us focus on getting you there so you can focus on being there.

Written by: Hannah Victoria Bewley



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