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Things To Keep In Your Backpack While You're Out In the Field

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

We've put together a list of some of our favorite backpack materials! Take it from us, we're the travel experts! Use this list to fill your bag up with some of the most important things to take with you while you're out in the mission field!

"Two pens. One always goes out." - Andrew Smith Account Rep

"Liam Neeson’s phone number - just in case someone tries to keep me." - Andrew Dryden Account Rep

"Ballet flat crocs! Nerdy, yes, but these are the best mission trip shoes ever… can take almost anything you put them through while being super easy to clean and very light weight! Also, depending what kind of trip you’re on, toilet paper. In Mexico, we learned to buy toilet paper when we saw it. Someone always kept it in their bag for everyone to use, both for bathrooms that lacked it (which were almost all of them) and for whatever else we needed it for (on projects to clean up messes, etc.)" - Jennifer Cheek Air Coordinator

"As someone who loves writing I would say take a journal to take notes in for special moments throughout the day. Also include tracts (with pictures for cross-culture communication) - like an evangecube. I never leave without bug repellant because the bugs tend to love me. I keep a pair of sunglasses on me at all times! I would also say bring a bag of small candy pieces to pass out to the kids! And lastly, because I prefer to be over-prepared, first aid materials!" - Hannah Bewley Social Media Coordinator

"Hand sanitizer." - Chad Crain CEO

"Bible, snacks, water bottle, something small to give kids as a gift, this of course would be like once your in the mission field not your carry on bag." - Simon Vacula Account Rep

"Wet wipes for (in-case-of-emergency) showers!" - Jennifer Johnson Account Assistant

"Handheld utility knife, portable charger, change of clothes, a mini soccer ball, extra water and water filtration." - Zach Douglas Account Rep

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