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COVID-19 - Changes to TSA Security Screening

Continuing in our series from our tour with American Airlines, we move on to TSA security screening. We were very curious to see what TSA was like now with new COVID-19 regulations in place.  To be honest though, TSA actually has not changed that much with COVID-19.   There were only a few  differences we noticed as with TSA since COVID-19.


The lines for security were much shorter.  This clearly is due to the fact that less people are traveling than what they did prior to the pandemic.  We are sure that as travel begins to open back up around the world these lines will go back to their normal length.


The typical adage of social distancing stickers on the floor and plexiglass windows attached to the TSA security stands were evident, but that was about all. 


You are still required to abide by local ordinances when it comes to wearing a mask, but when you step up to the TSA security stand the agent will ask you to lower your mask so they can confirm your identity, then you will need to put the mask back in place.


You are now allowed to carry up to 12oz of hand sanitizer through security. This could add time to your TSA process as those bottles will have to be screen separately.  As more and more people travel this could be something that can really slow the lines down.  

For more tips and tricks on how to make going through TSA security check points quicker, make sure to check out our article on seven tips for airport security



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