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Travel Tips

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Travel can get tricky, but when prepared, the hustle and bustle can become more exciting than dreadful. We can all learn a thing or two from our other world-traveling friends. Here are a few tips and tricks I collected!

Fold then roll!

This is a technique quickly developed by even the most inexperienced travelers to save space in a bag. Fold your clothes and then roll them up (minus thick clothing like jeans)!

Pack and the re-pack only half of the original material

Lay out everything you think you want to take with you on a trip. Then, to your best ability (ladies!) try to cut that amount in half. You don’t need as much as you think you do! Going through the process twice helps you see that more clearly.

Know the TSA rules (3-1-1)

Security checkpoint is then bane of any traveler’s experience. Make it easier on yourself and everyone around you and know the TSAs 3-1-1 rule. This means any creams, pastes, liquids, aerosols, or deodorants need to be 3.4 ounces (100 mil.) or less, carried in a 1 quart-sized clear bag like a Ziploc, and limited to one per person.

Take advantage of your personal carry-on

You can maximize space and save money by investing in packing cubes or compression sacks for your carry on without having to worry about baggage fees.

Know the baggage-fee policy

Should you have to pay to check your bag, it’s important to know how much each airline charges before you arrive at the airport to escape unsuspected, last minute charges!

Pack additional Ziploc bags

Packing multiple clear bags aids in separation of toiletries while you’re traveling around, keep stuff dry, pack small souvenirs, and be a shield from moister for your phones!

Always have a scarf or two

Scarves serve more than one purpose with travel! Not only can you pull a few different outfits with a range of style, but they’re also perfect for covering up. Whether it’s due to chillier temperatures or a more conservative location, you can make multiple uses for them.

Bring an extra set of glasses/contacts

You never want to lose a pair of glasses or ruin a pair of contacts. Sight is pretty important, especially in a new place. It’s also to have some backup just incase.

“Wear socks!” – Hannah Taylor High Point Supply Co. Development Manager

“When I travel overseas on 10+ hr flights, I bring an empty, reusable water bottle with me. That way I can fill it up at the Starbucks after security and not pay $8 for water! I also like to load up my iPad with movies if there aren’t screens on each seat. Movies are like mind transportation devices- you start a movie and next thing you know it’s 14 hours later (hence how I get sucked into Netflix binges).” – Lauren Esquivel Account Rep

“Ensure Prayer and Purpose happen and maintained throughout the trip (beginning to end; briefing to debriefing).” – Nathan Gunter Systems Developer

“Always pack at least three kind bars. Earplugs are essential. Have your own eye mask. Keep Gas-x handy for an upset stomach. Bring a TSA approved small water spray bottle, you’ll get gross in the airport and it’s always refreshing. Dry shampoo. Small deodorant and a power bank for your devices!” – Chelsea Shay Laning High Point Supply Co. Director of Development

“I always wear socks with sandals when flying. Other than a fashion statement, it makes going through security that much easier. Always, always, always bring an extra set of clothes. Always. Flying internationally, bring several photocopies of your passport. If it gets lost or stolen, it makes the process at the embassy just a little more painless. Avoid Taco Bell before traveling. You’re welcome. Never travel with middle schoolers.” – Andrew Dryden Account Rep

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