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Ministry Profile: Won by One To Jamaica

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Won By One To Jamaica has been serving in the rural, mountainous village of Harmons for 26 years. At the heart of our ministry is the focus of relationships. We encourage short-term mission teams to come and serve for a week, offering them varied ministry opportunities. In the midst of the serving, we consistently emphasize building relationships – with Jamaicans, with Americans, and with the Lord.

The ministry serves the community by providing employment opportunities, a thrift store, support in the schools, construction of houses, visits to the infirmary, and community activities. We utilize American volunteers to make connections and complete work, always alongside our Jamaican friends.

Being in the same village for over a quarter of a century, we have employed a local pastor to launch a church – Grace Community Fellowship. The church has been active for a few years and members are enjoying fellowship with one another, weekly Bible and prayer times, and an increase in weddings in addition to the Sunday service and special events.

Our school sponsorship program is a powerful way for Americans to provide consistent support for Jamaican families. A monthly donation allows parents to provide the transportation, uniforms, school supplies, book fees, exam fees, and other expenses that usually limit students from getting an education.

Won By One To Jamaica is thankful and privileged to be able to walk alongside and fellowship with the beautiful people of the community of Harmons, Jamaica.


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