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Discussing Name Changes

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

What are name changes and why do they occur?

There are two types of name changes you can make to your flight information:

1) Name Corrections- A name correction generally occurs when you've booked a ticket and your name was sent to us incorrectly.

2) Name Changes- A name change occurs when you've booked a ticket but are no longer able to go. If there is a person who will be going in your place, we would then change the name on the ticket to the new passenger's name.

A few things to know:

- Unfortunately, we can't always make name changes whenever we want. These definitely only take place on group bookings. Also, only specific airlines will allow name changes.

- There is time sensitivity with name corrections/changes. Generally, these need to be taken care of at least one week before travel. This is because the price of the flight may go up or the airline may not allow it inside of a week from departure.

- Airlines will generally allow passengers to fly if the information on a ticket is only a few letters off. However, the airline will not allow you to make any corrections/changes at the airport. If you show up to the airport and there is a drastic difference, TSA may require you to purchase a brand new ticket.

- To avoid any risk on last minute changes, double-check the information once you receive your confirmation to make sure the names are correct.

- Make sure each passenger's name matches exactly what is on their DL or passport. (This includes nicknames, surnames, and name changes for newlyweds.)

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