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Ministry Profile: World Orphans

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

World Orphans equips, inspires, and mobilizes the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children until they all have homes. They partners with churches that are caring for orphans through a family-based holistic care approach. Through international church partnerships, World Orphans ensures that children remain in loving families. They have partners in Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Iraq, Kenya, Nicaragua, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda.

Lori Harry's story is an excellent picture of why World Orphans does trips.

"As we walked down the path between the dwellings, she was sitting in an open space with a few other women. Our whole team, surrounded by all the Haitian kids that were following us, approached the group of women, and I handed her the photo (above). We both found ourselves smiling during this brief conversation. As she motioned me toward her home, a one-room concrete structure, she said, “WHY DO YOU LOVE ME SO MUCH?” I easily answered, “Because Jesus does!” and I gave her a hug. But as I have been sharing this highlight of my trip since I’ve been home, the deep meaning of her question has pierced my heart...." Read the full story here.

If your travel plans include Haiti, please consider staying at the World Orphans Guesthouse, they would love to host you!


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