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COVID-19 - Many U.S. Airlines No Longer Allows Masks with Vents or Valves

POST UPDATED - AUGUST 13, 2020 at 4:00pm.

Many U.S based carriers have updated their face covering guidelines. Many are now stating that passengers will no longer be able to wear masks that have valves or vents while traveling on their aircraft.  According to the CDC these masks still allow for exhaled respiratory droplets to possibly reach others and spread the coronavirus.  

Based on the updated CDC guidance, below are examples of face coverings customers can and cannot wear while traveling with American Airlines.


  • A well-secured cloth or mask that fits snugly against the face and covers an individual’s nose and mouth. It must be made of a material that prevents the discharge and release of respiratory droplets from a person's nose or mouth.

Not allowed:

  • Face coverings with exhaust valves.

  • Face coverings made with materials such as mesh or lace fabrics.

  • Face coverings that do not cover the nose and mouth.

  • Face shields without the addition of a face covering.

To read more on American's mask policy or to learn more from other carriers, please select the airline below:



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