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COVID-19 - Flying through the EU

You’ve decided where you want to go, but the best airfare options are transiting through one of the countries that’s apart of the European Union and they do not allow US citizens in yet.  What do you do?

Well, after doing a little research we found this site that lays out all of the EU’s restrictions on travel.  

It states that these temporary travel restrictions will not apply to passengers in transit.  So go ahead and make your plans to travel through one of these EU countries.  

Need help finding just the right flight for you, let us help you out.  

Quick note: We would recommend that if you do end up with a long layover in one of these EU countries, please do not try to plan a quick sight seeing trip, as you will still have to follow their restrictions if you try to leave the airport.  We recommend looking for shorter layovers or bringing a few good books to read.



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