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COVID-19 - Robots at London Heathrow's Airport

As you can imagine airports in general seem like a high risk area right now when it comes to COVID-19. This is one place where thousands of people from all around the world travel through daily. That's lots of people touching lots of things each day. How do they keep it all clean?

Well, London Heathrow Airport has taking on the challenge by bringing in robots. That's right, robots. Heathrow

is rolling out a few UV cleaning robots that use UV rays to quickly and efficiently kill viruses and bacteria.

They have taken other measures such installing UV handrail technology onto escalators as well as installing self-cleaning anti-viral wraps to places like security trays, lift buttons, cart and door handles. Heathrow is also retraining 100 staff to serve as hygiene-technicians. They will assist in thoroughly disinfecting the airport as well as answering passenger questions on the methods being used.

Click here to read more on Heathrow airport's safety measures.



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