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COVID-19 - Travel Restrictions By State

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

As we talked about in our previous blog on travel restrictions by country, understanding the current restrictions of an area can be difficult and confusing. We provided you with some great resources to see what are the current restrictions are for each country.

I know some of you are thinking:

"That's nice, but I'm not going to travel internationally this year. I'm going to travel with in the US, it's much easier and less restrictions."

True it may be easier, but there are still even restrictions domestically. Here are a few websites from some of our favorite carriers, that help us understand the restrictions by state.

  • American Airlines has listed links to every state's official COVID-19 informational page.

  • Delta has created a page that walks you through travel restrictions through out the world, but they take the time to break it down state by state as well.

  • Southwest has done a great job at letting customers know which of their destinations specifically are currently being effected by travel restrictions.

Here are a few other sites that we find helpful.

  • Kayak has another great summary page for the United Sates, that includes a map. It breaks down border crossing information as well as state regulations.

  • Point Me to the Plane also has a great article on domestic restrictions as well as those in place for U.S. territories.

  • Travel & Leisure provides another great source of information for domestic travel.

Hopefully these sites will help as you plan your next trip.

If you already know where you want to go, just let us know and we would love to get a quote for you.



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