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COVID-19 Trip Planning Packet

The world has changed due to COVID-19 and so has travel. Prior to COVID-19 trip planning could be stressful, but now throw in a global pandemic and it can seem almost daunting.

Our goal at High Point has always been to be a helpful resource for those planning and going around the world to help further the gospel. So we have put together this packet to hopefully help you think through some things when planning your upcoming missions trips.

We hope and pray that this document will help give you some guidance on where to start.

Please know that we probably have not covered everything, but we have done our best to think through some of those more crucial pieces to consider when traveling now.

Click the link below to access our COVID-19 Trip Planing Packet.

COVID-19 Trip Planning Packet
Download PDF • 9.76MB

If you are looking to start planning a trip soon please let us know and we can help get you a quote.



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