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COVID-19 - Updated Chile Entry Requirements

Chile is updating some of its entry requirements. At the start of 2021 Chile is requiring all passengers entry the country must quarantine for 10 days, even if they have a negative PCR COVID-19 test result.

Before travel all passengers must present three documents before boarding their flights:

  1. A completed electronic health affidavit that has been completed less than 48 hours prior to boarding.

  2. Proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test result taken at a maximum of 72 hours prior from their last departing flight into Chile. (Note: the 72-hour time period begins from the time the test is administered – not from when the test results are returned.)

  3. Proof of a health insurance plan that covers COVID-19 during their stay in Chile. This policy must have at least $30,000 USD coverage.

For more information you can check out the U.S. State Department's website for Chile.



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